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Topics: Sexual health science, culture and news for women edging to middle age, parents and educators.
Info on: sexually transmitted infections, relationship dynamics, ageing and sexual health, and sex education

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The Last Word

This is my last post for You Should Know, as I am leaving my position at Positive Women’s Network, the mother ship of this site. Given that, I will end on one of my favourite messages: words count when it comes to talking about our bodies, sexuality, and reproductive health.

Best Sex Ed of 2015

The best of 2015 lists are starting, from TV shows to movies to music. Surprisingly, I didn’t find a list for “Best Sex Ed of 2015” although in that search I did come across We Answered the 12 Most-Googled Sex Questions of 2015. Lacking an official list, here are some of my favourites on sexual [...]

Sex Ed isn’t satirical

Given that such as mixed offering when it comes to sex ed in schools, my heart caught a little bit in my throat when I went to the link for Sociology Students Outline Mandatory Sex Ed course. The reason my heart stumbled? I thought the link read “the onion” instead of “the orion” when I [...]

A Loving Beginning

I got the glorious news that my friend gave birth on Monday night, a swift and safe arrival that we’re all celebrating. Hey lovey, welcome to the darkest part of the year, and hello. I can’t wait to meet you and look at each round cheek, coo quietly at your lovely hands and fingers. I [...]

World AIDS Day

A follow up to last week’s post: today is World AIDS Day, the international marking of the effect of HIV on our globe. Many with HIV in Canada are lucky enough to have treatment and excellent care; HIV can be well managed and isn’t the end of life diagnosis it once was. Researchers, [...]

Battling AIDS, One Approach at a Time

World AIDS Day is next Tuesday, December 1, and many are giving their thoughts on what can be done to fight it. It’s a complicated fight that’s led by people living with HIV, doctors, social workers, community advocates, social science and basic science researchers, educators, children, youth, [...]

The HIV Reveal

I’ve been hearing for over a week now about a male American celebrity who has HIV but has kept the news private. Fair enough- it’s his diagnosis, his health terrain to navigate. Yesterday articles were being published saying Charlie Sheen was set to reveal (pretty bold if it wasn’t true); this [...]

Immunity Wars

Four vaccine and immunity related posts caught my attention in the past week. One was the horrific story of the mother who let her three kids suffer through pertussis (whooping cough) because she wanted to treat them naturally. The mother’s natural treatments didn’t work, and the kids suffered [...]

Getting to Women-Controlled HIV Prevention

How do sexually active girls and women prevent HIV infection? The standard answer is “Use condoms”. Condoms have been a central part of safe sex messaging since we found out about HIV and AIDS thirty years ago and discovered that they could help stop transmission. Yet “Use condoms” is not so [...]

Is There New Hope for an HIV Vaccine?

Dr. Robert Gallo is an American with deep roots in the history of HIV. America’s controversial 1984 claim that Gallo had discovered HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS, led to a battle between the US and France, which claimed the same. French scientists Francoise Barré-Sinoussi and Luc A. [...]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, in case you haven’t smacked into signs, posters, and the like (is that possible?). It’s doubtful that any woman will go untouched by breast cancer in some way- if it’s not our own diagnosis, it will be that of a friend or family member. Breast cancer is [...]

How the Moments Count

I love it when I can get dressed from a pile of clean laundry; bonus points if it’s a work day. We pile our laundry on the couch where it serves as an excuse to sit down and watch TV while we fold. Last night my partner, son and I watched an episode of The […]

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