Peer Support Training

“I loved this training. Outstanding workshop.”

Women interested in providing peer support to other women living with HIV are encouraged to take our Peer Support Training.  Meet other women and learn about:

  • supportive listening
  • communication skills
  • giving emotional support
  • sharing knowledge
  • setting healthy boundaries
  • providing practical help to other women living with HIV
  • HIV disease, treatments, and health care decision-making
  • HIV disclosure and stigma
  • privilege, oppression, power and marginalization

Training lasts four days, usually over a two week period: two days one week, then two days the following week. Applicants are screened for suitability.

We provide a childcare subsidy for women who need to access childcare in order to attend the training. We have limited transportation & accommodation funds to support members travelling from outside Vancouver. Contact us for more information.

Peer Support Training is held once per year. The next Peer Support training will be held July 2-4. It is a Level 2 training for women who have completed the first level.

“I really liked the teaching method, how information was given.” 

For more information, please contact Melissa or Sangam at PWN. Or call us (Lower mainland) 604-692-3000. (From elsewhere in BC, Toll-free) 1-866-692-3001

Special thanks to our sponsor, The Vancouver Foundation.






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