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My own prescription for health is less paperwork and more running barefoot through the grass. 
~Terri Guillemets

Health Promotion Programs

How can we make a difference for positive women and their communities? Listen, speak, and act. We aim to do just that working with individuals and organizations. Recognized as an expert on women’s HIV-related health and accompanying social issues, we provide education and prevention information in a variety of  ways.

Social Media Conversations

Each week we post a blog entry providing news and views on issues relevant to HIV-related health, social and prevention initiatives for women. This, as well as our conversations on Twitter and Facebook, cover a range of topics: HIV care and co-infections such as Hepatitis C, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted infections and issues related to reproductive health. We also look at the social determinants of health influencing women’s lives, including poverty, housing, violence against women, racism, gender inequality issues and much more.

Join us on Twitter and Facebook if you feel comfortable, and see our list of Twitter hashtags for women and HIV to enhance support, education, and community connections.

Resource Development and Publication

Our educational resources are distributed across the country. Especially popular are the Pocket Guide for Women Living with HIV, and the newer Pocket Guide on Aging for Women Living with HIV, which can be ordered from For a full list of our resources, please visit our Resources and Publications page.

Workshops for Students and Service Providers

We deliver free comprehensive training for students and service providers across the province, highlighting the lived realities of HIV related health. Negative responses and stigma to women living with HIV remain a huge problem. Positive women report experiencing discrimination from service providers not directly involved in the field of HIV, and service providers report having limited HIV knowledge and wanting to learn more. Our workshops answer any questions that participants have, leaving them feeling comfortable in working with women who have HIV and related issues like Hepatitis C.

SpringBoard Conference

Our annual conference brings together positive women and service providers to discuss women-specific issues. In the past, we’ve had keynote speeches on topics ranging from reproductive health and fertility issues; Indigenous health and wellness; women, housing, and health; the health of women in incarceration; and refugee and immigrant health.

Health Fairs and Special Events

We often participate in health fairs and other special events, such as the Simon Fraser University World AIDS Day event and the AMSSA Diversity Health Fair, where we provide information about HIV basics, safer sex, HIV transmission, and more. We are regularly asked to set up a resource table or deliver a presentation on an aspect of HIV or women’s health. Send us an email if you’d like to invite us into your community.

You Should Know

At You Should Know, we provide sexual health and HIV prevention information for women in midlife. Maybe you’re re-entering the dating scene, maybe you don’t have the basics on HIV transmission and prevention. can help provide the information you need. There are no stupid questions! Follow You Should Know on Twitter and Facebook.