Can people living with HIV have a baby? Yes!

If you’re wondering about how HIV affects pregnancy, learn more about how it’s possible to have a healthy baby with proper health care.

Thinking about becoming a parent

Becoming a parent is huge. If you have HIV, it’s good to consider these questions:

  • How is your health overall? How high is your viral load?
  • Do you know about reducing HIV risks during conception?
  • Are you on antiretroviral treatment? Have you talked to a doctor about which medications are advised for conception and pregnancy?
  • Do you have help if you get sick and can’t parent full-time?
  • Do you have ways to cope with the possible discrimination you may experience from people who don’t understand how HIV is transmitted or that you can safely care for your child?

Whether you’re already pregnant or planning to start a family, it’s a good idea to check in with your doctor or connect with Oak Tree Clinic, which specializes in providing care to women living with HIV. they can help you get informed about pregnancy planning, pregnancy and birth, infant feeding and care, and more.

When proper prevention practices are followed, the risk of transmission during pregnancy is lowered from 25% to 1%.