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Finding Support

Finding out you have HIV is usually a life-changing experience whether you suspected it or not. Learning about HIV, health care changes, and treatment decisions are all part of the deal. But you need support too. Talking about the changes in your life can be an important part of adjusting to them.

Some women are reluctant to talk to many people about their diagnosis. We are here to talk about it with you, in the time you want. You can contact us by phone or e-mail. You don’t need to tell us your name, or where you live. If you decide to become a member and access our programs, we will need to know your name, but if you want to remain anonymous at first, that’s up to you.  

Meeting other women with HIV is a natural step when you’re ready. You can meet women through our Support Programs, in the drop-in or at retreats. We provide support to women all over British Columbia, so even if you’re far north, you could attend a retreat and meet some friends. You can also read other women’s stories.

 You decide when and how you want support.


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