Getting to Know… Judy Mitchell

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Judy Mitchell who joined PWN the beginning of July 2016. We are very fortunate to have Judy on our team – what an intriguing woman! And these are just a few questions. I can only imagine what other stories she has to share. I look forward to getting to [...]

AGM 2015!

Once again it's time to gather in our kitchen, review the past year, and remind ourselves that we carry out an impressive amount of work for such a small team.

Around the World

Vancouver has barely cleaned up from the International AIDS Society Conference; it was quite the week. Bob Leahy of wrote a great piece about it, mentioning a few themes that have popped up this week too.

Start With a Name

Number 17 in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 recommendations calling for action says: We call upon all levels of governments to enable residential school survivors and their families to reclaim names changed by the residential school system by waiving administrative costs for a [...]

Youth and Healthy Sexuality at SpringBoard

by Janet Madsen   |   @Janet_Madsen Another SpringBoard under our collective belts, another great day of conversation and learning. The crowd was interested, engaged and curious- not surprising given the presenters.   The duo of Evelyn Maan and Elle Pea started off with The Kids Are Alright, [...]

Mother’s Day is Complicated

My mom died suddenly and unexpectedly, so when Mother’s Day came a couple of months later, it was a tough one.  It’s eased in the time since, but each year I’m well aware that it can be emotional for lots of people. For women in particular, Mother’s Day can have … stuff.  There are mothers [...]

Presenting our 2015 conference posters

Melissa and Marcie are in Toronto this week for CAHR, the annual Canadian Association for HIV Research conference. This year, we have not one, not two, but three posters on display! How can HIV organizations become more women-friendly? How can women living with HIV challenge internal and [...]

Coming Soon- SpringBoard Conference

We’re excited to announce, promote, and push our upcoming SpringBoard conference on May 21. Over its eleven years, SpringBoard has featured sessions on health, social, medical, legal and community issues facing positive women and their families. It’s a day of learning, support and networking. [...]

Sex ed round-up

Comprehensive sex ed, based on the real world and not an imaginary one in which every condom has a hole, matters. Here are a few recent articles that help explain why. A woman live-tweeted her son’s sex ed class, and the results were horrifyingly hilarious Terrible and immensely funny—a [...]

Good Neighbours

Yesterday I was standing in line waiting for my coffee behind two nurses from St Paul’s Hospital- neighbours! Our place is just across the alley from the hospital in an office building that’s a mix of doctors, dentists, lawyers. In other words, a place that anyone could go to, which many of our [...]

Great Read- Not My Father’s Son

I’ve been watching a lot of Friends episodes with the kids, and it’s reminded how great Lisa Kudrow was as Phoebe. That in turn prompted another viewing of Kudrow in Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion in all its silly glory. I didn’t realize Alan Cumming is in in it (so long [...]

Bill C-2’s Roadblocks to Health Care

How lucky we are in Vancouver- for the moment. On Wednesday the federal government ruled that Insite, the supervised injection site in the Downtown Eastside, could stay open. Insite’s dedicated staff have saved people from overdose deaths and helped others into treatment to deal with their [...]

Self-stigma requires a personal approach

People living with HIV stigmatize themselves more than the outside world does, and there isn’t enough research looking at how to deal with this. On that basis, researchers interviewed a small group of people with HIV in Ireland for a study published last week in Swiss Medical Weekly. People [...]

Towards a Sanctuary City

“Women without status or with precarious immigration status are often forced to choose between remaining in an abusive relationship and living without critical social services and police protection on the one hand, and deportation or detention on the other.” As part of a series of speakers [...]

CROI Tidbits (and directions to more)

Last week’s Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Seattle featured some interesting research. I’ll touch on a couple of things and direct you to more. Treatment: Hit Early Hit Hard (reprise) When combination HIV therapy was first introduced in 1996, the phrase “Hit early, [...]

No Gay People Here

Not so long ago I met a woman who, on hearing I’m a lesbian, said she’d never met a gay person before.  “We don’t have gay people where I’m from,” she said.  I suggested that her former home does have gay people, just not out and public ones. She disagreed, saying it simply wasn’t allowed. [...]

Playing Politics with Poverty

When Industry Minister James Moore said that poverty was not a responsibility of the federal government, you may rightfully have been baffled as to what the purpose of our government was. “Government at all levels should be concerned primarily with our well-being,” responded Ryan Meili, a [...]

Managing Harm and Health

  by Janet Madsen | @janet_madsen There was good health and science news in our end of the country this week: the City of Abbotsford voted to lift a 2005 ban on harm reduction activities. The final discussion will be on February 3, but it’s expected this is just a formality. Once the [...]

Housekeeping Welcome Home

  by Janet Madsen/ @janet_madsen Before it becomes too stale to say it, Happy New Year, everyone! Even now I feel it’s getting a little late to post “Best of 2013” lists. Amazing how fast that happens. I’m back in the office and cleaning house. I’ve emptied my bulletin board of [...]

PWN at 20: The Power of Partnerships

  In this, our twentieth year, we’re featuring a monthly blog series, PWN at 20 that looks at PWN’s unique place in Canada. Last month we looked at HIV in Aboriginal Communities. There is power in partnerships. Our organization was a partnership from the start: HIV+ women and [...]

PWN at 20: Where are the Children?

Many women can tell you parenting can be tricky ground. Now add HIV to the mix. Positive Women’s Network has always held the belief that women should be able to make their own choices about having children.

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