HIV not only affects your body, but also how you feel. It may change how you feel about relationships and choices you make. We can help with both. We hear from women who have known their diagnosis for an hour and those who’ve known it for years before they are ready to talk to someone. Whatever your story is, we’re here if you’d like to share it.

Meeting other positive women can help, and our support programs can get you started. If you want to connect with a support worker one on one before coming to see us, let us know. We offer outreach visits and programs for women from out of town.  Our weekend retreats offer amazing opportunities to connect with other women who will honour your confidentiality and share understanding of the realities.

Feeling isolated by your diagnosis is an experience lots of women have. Women with HIV aren’t as visible as men, and many people incorrectly think it only happens to certain groups of women. Anyone can get HIV if there is a risk of transmission. But women with HIV do face some challenges that can set them apart from men.

Telling people about your diagnosis is a step you inevitably take. You don’t have to tell everyone right away, but you should tell sex partners as soon as you know. You don’t have to be alone – there are other women and supportive communities out there.

photo by Aretha Munro