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Challenging health inequities for women living with HIV and hepatitis C.


Positive Women’s Network challenges gender based health inequities for women living with HIV and hepatitis C. We lead initiatives to promote women-centred health, public education and research on HIV and hepatitis C.


Positive Women’s Network envisions a society where women living with HIV and hepatitis C can lead lives of health and dignity, free of stigma, discrimination, and violence


  • Women face complex biological, economic, political, and social vulnerabilities to HIV and/or hepatitis C infection.
  • Women living with HIV/ hepatitis C experience stigma and discrimination based on gender, race, sexuality, and other forms of identity.
  • Women who have experienced violence have an increased risk for acquiring HIV, and women living with HIV experience more frequent and severe violence.
  • Women have the strength and resilience to determine their health choices.
  • Women deserve services that are safe, confidential, non-judgmental, culturally sensitive, trans-inclusive, and child-friendly.


  • Responding to the needs of individual women through women-specific services.
  • Working together as a community of women infected and affected by HIV and /or hepatitis C.
  • Recognizing the impact of colonization on the history and experiences of Indigenous women.
  • Applying the principles of GIPA and MIWA– Greater Involvement of People with AIDS and Meaningful Involvement of Women with AIDS.
  • Working together across sectors on shared issues and goals.