We challenge gender-based health inequities for women living with HIV and hepatitis C. We lead initiatives to promote women-centred health, public education, and research on HIV and hepatitis C.


We envision a society where women living with HIV and hepatitis C can lead lives of health and dignity, free of stigma, discrimination, and violence.


  • Women face complex biological, economic, political, and social vulnerabilities to HIV and hepatitis C infection.
  • Women living with HIV or hepatitis C experience stigma and discrimination based on gender, race, sexuality, and other forms of identity.
  • Women who have experienced violence have an increased risk for acquiring HIV, and women living with HIV experience more frequent and severe violence.
  • Women have the strength and resilience to determine their health choices.
  • Women deserve services that are safe, confidential, non-judgmental, culturally sensitive, trans-inclusive, and child-friendly.
  • Challenging health inequities for women living with HIV and hepatitis C.