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Meet the Bloggers

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Janet Madsen

I love my work- I get to spend time with people are passionate about health, social change, gender inequity and sexual frankness. I’ve been working at Positive Women’s Network since 1993(!) and have seen so many changes along the way. As Communications Coordinator, I manage health promotion projects online and in hard copy. This includes our web-based work on this site, You Should Know, a site for sexual health education and STI prevention, and social networking on Facebook and Twitter. (see our Twitter Hashtags for Women and HIV Discussions).  It also includes our publications like the Pocket Guide for Women Living with HIV, HIV and Pregnancy: Yes You Can! brochure, our annual SpringBoard conference, and various toolkits. Perfect foods to fuel writing? Tea, peanut butter toast and chocolate.

Twitter: @janet_madsen

Erin Seatter

Not long after moving to Vancouver in 2011, I had the wonderful opportunity to join the team at Positive Women’s Network. As the Resource Coordinator, I spread information around—I search it out, plug it into different kinds of online and print media, and share it with PWN members and staff, service providers, and anyone else who takes an interest in issues related to HIV, sexual health, drug policy, and violence against women. I have a background in supporting survivors of violence, and I’ve seen how all forms of violence, from the graphic to the subtle, affect individual and community health. I’m also a dessert lover, as long as it’s chocolate. A devotee of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” A board game fiend who delights in competition but won’t waste time on Monopoly. A bad movie connoisseur. A fan of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway. And a blogger.

Twitter: @ErinLynds

Monique Desroches

Please join me as I share my story of living positive with HIV. I was diagnosed in 1994 and I’m still going strong. I’m an advocate, I work part-time at PWN, I’m in the midst of starting my own business, I am crazy about yoga and I ride my bike whenever possible. I also make the best granola you’ll ever taste.  I have recently gone through a monumental growth spurt (alas not physically – I’m still only 5’1″) and I am looking forward to writing about my new adventures. Hopefully you will find points of common ground and you will join in on the discussion. Allons-y!

Miriam Martin (former staffer whose great blogs remain)

I stumbled upon the HIV service field by accident in January 2006.  I was a handful of credits away from completing a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Russian Literature. After seven years of post-secondary, including a short foray into fine arts at Emily Carr Institute, I started to wonder how on earth I would make a living once I got out of school! Fortunately, in addition to a whole lot of customer service, I had a pretty extensive volunteer and activism resume, which got me my first job in this field. I joined Positive Women’s Network in 2006 and was Resource Coordinator from 2007 to 2011. I loved my role as “information hub” for PWN members and staff, service providers, and the broader public who are seeking information about HIV, treatment and prevention.