Make National HIV Testing Day Yours

June 27 is National HIV testing Day (NHTD) in the US  so health organizations are gearing up with positive messaging about knowing your status.

Although it’s not official in Canada, a study of NHTD in the US shows it does help get people in the clinic door that might not go otherwise. People in the 50+ age range in particular were more likely to get tested as a result of public health messages leading up to National HIV Testing Day.

Once you’ve had an initial test, repeat testing is recommended once every five years for those between 18 and 70. Repeat testing sooner is advisable if:

  • You are diagnosed with any sexually transmitted infection (STI), as HIV is also sexually transmitted.  Here’s a refresher on how HIV is transmitted from person to person and how to avoid it.
  • If you have a sex partner who has HIV, uses injection drugs, or whose HIV status is unknown, it is also recommended you get tested.
  • You are pregnant.  Taking HIV treatment during pregnancy means babies are rarely born with it.
  • You present with symptoms of HIV.
  • You test positive for hepatitis B or C, or tuberculosis.

Testing is simple and fast – this Clinic Finder can help you sort out where to go. Positive Women’s Network (You Should Know’s parent organization) can give you support if you have any questions during the testing process.

HIV is a lifelong condition, but current treatment means you can live long and well.  Why not make June 27 your testing day too?


Janet  |   @janet_madsen


Image: Flickr, Creative Commons