World AIDS Day

A follow up to last week’s post: today is World AIDS Day, the international marking of the effect of HIV on our globe. Many with HIV in Canada are lucky enough to have treatment and excellent care; HIV can be well managed and isn’t the end of life diagnosis it once was. Researchers, advocates, healthcare providers, and politicians are entertaining the phrase, “The end of AIDS.” Here are some words from various corners on this day.

I wrote this piece for Positive Women’s Network, the organization behind this site. Treatment isn’t enough: we must address a key social justice piece in the fight against HIV.

One quarter of Canadians who have HIV don’t know it- have you been tested?

A Canadian was key player in developing 3TC, an early drug that turned the hope for treatments.

This drug is highly effective at preventing transmission, but also extremely expensive. It’s primarily been tested in men. What is its future in HIV prevention here in Canada?

I’m fighting a nasty cold, so sign off with this:

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Fight stigma

We have to beat this.



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