Sex Ed isn’t satirical

Given that such as mixed offering when it comes to sex ed in schools, my heart caught a little bit in my throat when I went to the link for Sociology Students Outline Mandatory Sex Ed course.

The reason my heart stumbled? I thought the link read “the onion” instead of “the orion” when I read the URL. In fact, the article is real, as is the course that students are developing. Whew. I love the Onion, but I am very serious about people getting excellent sex ed.

Chico State Seniors Emma Cozens and Taylor Holmes realized that high school sex ed was really inconsistent and certainly not comprehensive for all as they moved into young adulthood. A recent report from the US Centres for Disease  Control supports that. The reports found that less than fifty percent of high schools are teaching the sixteen sex ed topics the CDC suggests. In the middle school years, only twenty percent of schools are getting it done.

Cozens and Holmes decided to develop a college level sex ed class that could be used in their sociology course. The Orion report on the course says the pair see their course as “ a collaborative effort between the biology, sociology, psychology and multicultural and gender studies departments and community organizations.” Imagine that- sex ed beyond biology. Sounds great, eh?

Not to limit the possibilities of satire, here’s a take on sex ed from The Onion: sex ed vs abstinence only education. I’m sticking with the comprehensive sex ed support, but I do appreciate The Onion for highlighting the least supportive way to go.


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Image: Pippalou, MorgueFile