A Loving Beginning

sunrise-morguefile-mateiI got the glorious news that my friend gave birth on Monday night, a swift and safe arrival that we’re all celebrating.

Hey lovey, welcome to the darkest part of the year, and hello.

I can’t wait to meet you and look at each round cheek, coo quietly at your lovely hands and fingers. I can see from the pictures you are beautiful.

These early days of love will be comforting and encouraging. I know your parents and siblings will hold you, talk to you and ensure that all your needs are quickly met. Your eldest sibling will undoubtedly sit and stare with a wide grin on their face; your other sibling will be bringing things to show you- a train, a doll, perhaps even the family’s rabbit, who is brave and gentle.

The months that swell into your first year will see you rolling over, sitting up, grabbing things (your parents’ glasses will be tempting), starting to crawl and maybe even walk. You will smile, squeal and laugh, and all of us around you will be so happy to see you do so.

In the early years you will babble, walk, speak little sentences and make your opinions known. All of these milestones will be huge, little one, and steps in learning what you can do, and what you think and feel.

The early years will add up and roll into each other as you become a big kid, then a teen….  What ever you decide in terms of your interests, your loves and your self, your discoveries will be welcomed and supported by your parents and friends.  I’ve known your parents for years, and their love is so open and accepting, they will encourage you to be nothing but your truest self. They will want for you a life of honesty and an open heart. They will accept you always and love you forever.

Welcome, little one. This is a good place.


Janet  |  @janet_madsen


Image: Matei, MorgueFile