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Who We Are

Positive Women’s Network is Canada’s longest-running HIV organization for women. We provide support, education, and resources for women living with HIV in British Columbia and for health and social service providers across the country.

For women with HIV, we offer support and advocacy as well as HIV education, health promotion resources, and community connections. We are trans-inclusive and child-friendly.

For people working in health care, social services, or education, we provide education and resources on HIV health and advocacy issues.

What We Do

HIV diagnosis will bring change to your life, but with advances in care, it’s a corner, not an end. Many women have found strength and hope through our services. Wherever you are in British Columbia, we can help. Here’s some info if you’re wondering who to call to get you started.

From the Blog

October 31, 2014

We always fight back: Honouring women’s resistance to violence and oppression (part 2)


  On October 9, 2014, Vikki Reynolds spoke at Hoopla: A Women’s Health Carnival. Included here is the second part of her presentation. The first part can be found here. Vikki Reynolds, PhD, is an activist/therapist, facilitator, and instructor, who works to bridge the worlds of activism and community work and counselling. Vikki’s experience includes […]

October 29, 2014

Get Fit, Do Good: Class for A Cause


  by Janet Madsen  |  @janet_madsen The rainy season is setting into Vancouver, and we can expect the wet for months to come. It’s excellent  for our water supply, but not necessarily as lovely for those who like to get out and about. Exercise is fantastic for mental health, so keeping up with it is […]